The Ultimate

Malaysian Market Research Agency

Market Insights has been consulting since 1994, serving a wide variety
of clients covering an even wider variety of products.

We are a full service market research consultancy
who will match your needs to the best and most effective research methods.


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Why Market Insights.

Market Insights has consistently proven to our clients that we will be there when they need us-even if that means we're called upon to "put out the fire" when another vendor is unable to complete a project.

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What We Offer.

Market Insights offers full-market-research-consultancy-services tailored to the individual needs of each client. We can perform all aspects of our client's study or simply help with the part(s) you need assistance.

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Market Insights, the “One-Stop” market research consultant possess the tools, the experience and the personalities to provide high quality professional results and answers for all types of market research projects, making us a great choice for consultation.

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Market Research

We provide our clients with objective, scientific and accurate data, materials and reports, utilizing the latest research methodologies and international standard software.

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Fieldwork Supplier

Market Insights has its own local-based full-time fieldwork supervisor across the Asia Pacific. Our fieldwork teams are highly-trained and capable to conduct complex research assignments.

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Telephone Interviews

Market Insights is capable of conducting multi - language telephone interviews using native speakers, that ensure highly reliable data.

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Our Major Projects

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We believe quality of the data collected as improper and poor data collection may result in GIGO
(Garbage In, Garbage Out)